Saturday, 3 October 2009


There's a new girl in town (the 4th of the family). Her name is Elle and she's the foxiest. Her adoptive mother will be Idil, my friend from Turkey. She's starting a new job tomorrow and this is sort of her 'new job surprise present'. Shhh! :)

Now, few things about Elle.
She's a girly girl girl and enjoys dressing up, down, left and right, making new friends and keeping old ones, nature, getting some sun in a lazy afternoon and doing yoga. She hates cleaning after cooking, watching the news, tantrums, following trends and having lunch from a plastic box.

She can't wait to meet her new mommy and have new and exciting adventures together with her.


  1. :) lol, she is just like her mother! arghh that made me remember of the dishes i gota clean up since last week! MIRK MIRK MIRK!

    PS: I like her innovative style of doing yoga:)

    gota try soon:))

  2. There u go - the perfect pair. She can't wait to teach u all she knows :)