Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Heya! Not much of a concept, just a random monster. His name is Randi. He likes escalators, pink bubblegum, boomerangs and pretty shoes. He hates crowded elevators, fake smiles, sun burns and wasting toilet paper.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Never say never

If you've ever said you're going to do something when pigs fly, well, now's the time. They do! And they're yellow.

PS: My crappy camera takes crappy photos. Yes, I thought it over and no, I'm not the responsible one for the aggressively low quality of the snaps, it's it, it's the camera. Never buy an Olympus 795sw, unless you are a marine biologist and you're only taking photos under water. Actually this photo looks like it has been taken under water, but wait, what would flying pigs do under there...ahhh...nevermind. Enjoy!

Monday, 9 March 2009


Just something silly for today. Felt like seeing happy characters. Happy happy, joy joy! :)

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Step 2

Yeeey! The second post is here! :)
These are some initial illustration I've done for the SweetLane logo. Thought I would document my creative process. Well, I wouldn't call this documenting really, but it's a start. I'll try to post more from the brainstorming and sketching stage for my next projects. Hope you enjoy it! Till next time, keep it level headed and sweet! :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

MMC - The beginning

Yaycks! The time for a new blog has come. Been postponing many things for many months and since starting a blog is much easier than going to the gym, I thought I'd better stop procrastinating at least on one area of my life. And hopefully this is just the beginning.

Anyhoo, the fact of the matter is that i've decided to actively join the blogosphere again so I could keep more focus on my graphic designer/ illustrator evolution. I was even going to name this blog FocusPocus, but than I figured Messy Miss C. is more me and therefore more appropriate. Yeah, I always make a mess out of everything and this blog is just little something to help me keep that urge at reasonable amounts. No, don't want to get rid of it for good, there is something about being messy that doesn't makes it such an incredibly awful habit to have. Say, like picking your nose in public.

To kick start this new beginning, here is something I've made not so long ago for this cupcake business that needed a logo. Hope you'll enjoy it, I know I did! The purple one is the approved one.
See you soon everyone! Enshala, as they say around these parts of the world. Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, nationality: Romanian.

Not to forget, feedback and comments are always welcomed and much appreciated.
Thank you for visiting!