Saturday, 23 May 2009


Meet Maddy. She's my first toy creation. Yeeeeeey!
I didn't think I have it in me. Sewing I mean. :) Anyway, it's amazing what an old t-shirt and some patience can do. I'm really proud and happy she's made it into the world. She loves mascara, pretty underwear, summer vacation and grilled cheese. She hates grumpy people, truth or dare, almonds and hair gel. And all she needs now are some friends.

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  1. Hey! Congratulations for this! I can understand you very well, as sometimes I also do some things, and believe me, when I finish them I feel so happy! :)
    Your toy is cute and I like your creativity in writing quates as well! Do you draw trees? I love treessss!! Maryna (Ghana, Ukraine, Turkey) :)